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Taking your next breath is easier than taking on the challenges of the new and unknown.


Birth of Autoninja:

They say that birds of the same feather, flock together. And that is exactly what happened when we four: Ashis, Akhil, Kshitij and me (Rahul) got together. After completing our IIT and three of us with an IIM degree, plunged into the start-up world. But fate had a different plan. When things were going end-down of the start-up, we got together and on an intuition, started working on an idea in the Automotive Retail space.

At the time, there was no one who understood the problems of this poorly organised sector. And there was growing discontent in the minds of the consumer, owing to a lack of a customer focused approach by dealerships. The urge for change, both from the dealership and it’s consumers, was clearly evident. And it had to happen fast.

They started digging deeper and realized that the problems of the automotive retail industry were multifarious in nature. And it required an acute understanding of the dealerships real problems. The dealerships, in their bid to strengthen the bond with their customers, improve sales and to build a brand image were looking for the right partner who understood their plight. We realized these challenges were common and effected the dealers across the country. Unseen and unheard, swift and competent: Just like A Ninja, we wanted to solve these problems. So we set up Autoninja, to find simple solutions to these complex problems.

Our vision:

The vision of Autoninja is to make a software which makes it extremely easy for a customer to interact with the dealer at all its touch points. We want to simplify the process. Be it sales, service or insurance, our software makes it a smooth and pleasurable experience for the customer to deal with the dealership.

How we work with dealerships:

In today’s day and age where the gratification sought is instant, the need of the moment was to understand the real problems and find a solution to address them through technology. To tackle this, we sought deep insight of the sector and an understanding of the inner functioning of the dealerships. This lead to us to provide not just solutions but also the human capital to run and grow their business. Thus we are more than mere technology providers: we work as partners and seek to create breakthroughs in solving major sales, operational and marketing issues.

Challenges faced:

While the drive is going smoothly now, it has had its fair share of bumps and speed breakers.

At the start of the journey, we realized that the adoption of technology was agonizingly slow. The two reasons for this were: the mind set and the skill set of the work force. While the top management would agree and see the logic in what we were selling, it had to trickle down all the way from the top to the bottom. Which translated into a slow process, given the strength of some of the dealerships (anywhere from 500 to 1000). In order to ensure that technology become the DNA of the working culture, we developed technology that could be applicable to all levels and functions of dealerships – CEO, Sales, Insurance, CREs and other levels. Our consistent efforts and have paid off and today we are present in from major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi to remote areas of Uttarkhand, Kashmir and other. We have over 85 clients and on our present on our portfolio, are big and popular brand names like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Maruti, Ford, Renault etc.

Another challenge we faced was the nature of the data: it was scattered. Hence, using it profitably became complex. When we entered the market, we recognized that all the data, across dealerships had a similarity: it was all disorganized. For example, a customer profile was stored independently by each department, as per a system they deemed fit. In order to make sense and money out of the enormous amount of data stored, we had to start from the scratch to build a platform which could centralize the data, while creating a 360 degree profile of the customer.

To state another example, our analysis showed that in after-sales service, due to a lack of a consolidated yet comprehensive system to track leads intelligently, the dealers were losing 50% leads from the existing database. Having studied this, we came up with tools which tracked data in every stage of its life cycle. And we can very proudly say that the impact of this, has resulted in phenomenal success for our partners.

Solutions offered:

Among the problems faced by the dealerships, we observed that managing a customer’s expectations was one of the most daunting tasks for them. This made us study all possible touch points with the customers. In order to provide multi-level solutions to the dealerships, we had to address all the touch points. Hence we developed many tools to attain this aim. Today, we provide many solutions to our partners, namely over our four platforms: Ninja CRM, Accessbox, Blinktag and Exporium.

Autoninja aims at making something completely revolutionary. A line which sums it up very well and is getting synonymous with us – We make our software with a lot of love. ☺

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