09 Sep

A suite of technology solutions for Auto Dealerships

One of the major challenges faced by an auto dealership is managing customer expectations, especially so because it is an industry driven by personalities. Having studied all customer touch points, we have developed tools to fill in the gap and improve up on the bond between the dealership and the customer. Today’s customer is smart phone savvy, intuitive and mobile. He opts for technology, to save on time and effort. Today’s customer is more empowered and wants to be served in an instant, having cut through a maze of departments.  The shift from web to mobile has seen an emergence of the smart phone, a trend which has now changed into a behaviour.  The automobile dealerships cannot ignore it. At Autoninja, it is our endeavour to assist them in making this change.

Having well established the problems of the automobile dealerships, Autoninja offers a products’ menu which seeks to centralize the data, integrate communication channels: SMS, telephony, Email and others, thus making the dealer interaction seamless and slicker.

Our Product Suite:

Technology in the hands of businesswomen

A suite of technology products

Ninja CRM

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CRM Solutions

One of the biggest problems that all dealerships seemed to be facing was that they did not have an effective and/or efficient solution to leverage the database which was available with them. Hence sluggish of sales and service growth figures. This is where our product Ninja CRM steps in: to bridge the gap. This product allow the dealership to consolidate the data and centralise the processes, hence bringing all departments in a synergy. This in turn leads to a successful interaction with the customer at every stage of the customer life cycle.

It is a web-based, all inclusive solution which helps the dealers not only increase revenue from sales and service, but also helps provide for more customer satisfaction and better service standards. And this leads to a jump in revenue.




In today’s day and age of instant gratification, the customer seeks  it in every aspect of his life. With so much of action taking place on one’s mobile phone, a customer is bound to check his mobile phone hundred times a day. Seeking an opportunity here, Accessbox makes it possible for the dealers to be in sync with the customer needs.


A-one-of-its-kind of a car-dealership mobile app platform, it syncs the user and vehicle data with the existing dealer management system (DMS). Accessbox allows customers to reach the dealerships 24/7 via a free, downloadable smartphone app.  Once installed, all tasks regarding customer’s vehicle become automated and personalized.

Broad features of Accessbox:


  • Dealers can directly send messages, offers and campaigns to your customers free of cost
  • 1-click service booking call & form for the customers.
  • Detailed Analytics and relevant insights that are inbuilt in the app.
  • Host of other features like Talk to CEO, Talk to Service Advisor, Service History synch, Go Green (Paperless documents synch), Hotlines, Tooltips etc.
  • Keep track of insurance





Blinktag is a simple and efficient tool which looks at helping the dealerships transform their existing customer base, into representations of the brand. It taps into the customer’s social media connections and looks to grow the brand and increasing sales by speaking for it, to potential buyers.



Exporium is a sales tablet that essays the purchase journey of the customer with ease and style. It helps the sales personnel at the dealerships to elegantly show the cars and their features through a tablet.


What’s next in the pipeline:

Understanding past consumer behaviour and making some calculated predictions, our analytics’ team is always working on high level data which can provide smarter and effective to reach the potential customer. With the fine balance of technology and data, Automobile aims to remain more than just a mere technology provider.

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