Life @ Autoninja

There is never a dull moment at Ninjaland. We sway between work and fun with consummate ease. The struggle for our ninjas is not to wake up every morning and get to work, which they do with much joy, but to reach early and find the desk of their choice. Yes, we do not have fixed seating positions - rotation keeps us on our toes. Whilst we never let a chance go by to celebrate birthdays, our outings are equally eventful. You see, we're a goofy bunch and usually make a laughing stock of ourselves.

Diversity is often the pillar of many organizations and we're equally proud of that. However, we breed a certain sense of homogeneity; being passionate about what we do and owning our responsibilities. At work, you'll typically find us scampering here and there or working from our cool and breezy rooftop cafe. And we love filter coffees. Our internal discussions are usually over a cuppa.

Drop in for a chai or a coffee anytime.


Current Openings

You are not just writing some code but helping us build a robust technology, that will redefine how customers interact with our products and services. You will be empowered and given a platform to create and innovate. With your deep analytical skills, you will solve complex problems and truly be in ninja mode.

Senior Software Engineer – Full Stack

Senior Software Engineer – Backend Wizard

Senior Software Engineer – Frontend Specialist

You drive the business for our clients. You are the bridge between the client and the company. You have a thorough understanding of the product and processes, guiding and training the teams on the client side. You’re dependable and someone with a great sense of ownership.

Associate Consultant Operations & Analytics

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